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Friday, March 24, 2023

#69 Flork Reviews: Ryosuke Kiyasu and Ondrey Zintaer - BRAIN (2023)


Ryosuke Kiyasu and Ondrey Zintaer - BRAIN (2023)

by Flork

There’s something about Ondrey Zintaer that I really like. I’ve never met him in person, but I have corresponded with him on a few occasions and I like his personality and music. And so, his albums reflect the type of guy he is, an artist who loves to play music and push the envelope past its limits. His latest album Brain is an experimental album that blends a variety of different textures and sounds, such as the saxophone, percussions and electronics. It is reminiscent of the beat generation and the jazz beats that were present throughout that time, yet has a modern energy to it. You could easily play this album and read Jack Kerouac or Charles Bukowski, while downing a bottle or two of chardonnay.

As with Ondrey’s previous works, Brain is loaded with glitchy beats and dreamy atmospheres, as he masterfully creates a unique and captivating listening experience. All the tracks are named Nail, and the opening track Nail 1 opens with a somewhat eerie track that sets the tone for the rest of the album (there are 4 tracks altogether, Nail 1 to 4). This interesting melody is a bit haunting, but at the same time very chill, with positive vibes despite the ominous and foreboding sounds of the electronics in the background. In fact, the whole album has an atmospheric cabaret feel to it, like being in a smoky room listening to a recital of some sort or another, yet never fully paying attention to the words being spoken. Brain, too, has that similar sort of feel, where you can be hypnotised by the music and still be focused on other matters. It’s like I said above, you go in and out of this album while either reading or drinking or tuned out to other things. And thus, this album is neither intrusive nor destructive, but rather like having a familiar friend in the room whose presence provides company and peace.

But if you do stay concentrated, you will appreciate everything that was put into this work. As is Ondrey’s style, most of it has been improvised with the compositions being recorded without prior rehearsal, but with outstanding mixing and production. For me, I love the dreamy sax and percussions which provide a laid-back groove, yet there are hints of dark negativity provided by the synths. My favourite is Nail 3 with its frenetic style that teeters on chaos. It has such a solid soundscape which makes it both exhilarating and hypnotic. 


Overall, Brain is one of Zintaer’s best works to date. It’s not overly impressive, but it is definitely captivating and ambitious and showcases his talent and love for experimenting. It’s awesome to see artists like this who are continually dedicated to their passion and strive to stay productive. Ondrey Zintaer is one of those individuals who is constantly doing it better with every release.



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